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      AC / DC electric automatic regulation calibration bench

      Application: it is applicable to the calibration of pressure gauge of (0-250) MPa

      The products are used for the calibration of pointer pressure gauges, pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors, spring tubes, pressure sensitive elements and pressure transmitters. They are processes and testing equipment designed and manufactured in full accordance with relevant national, industrial and enterprise standards. They are widely used in pressure instrument production factories, product quality inspection institutes, scientific research institutions Third party testing institutions and other units are responsible for the production inspection and on-site calibration of various pressure instruments.

      Applicable to:

      Calibration and verification of oil prohibition pressure gauge

      Calibration and verification of general pressure gauge

      Product features:

      Power use: AC and DC power supply automatically generates pressure

      Pressure building basis: built in electric pump generates hydraulic pressure automatically

      Medium: hydraulic (water or oil)

      Medium storage: external liquid cup (such as mineral water bottle)

      Standby medium: tap water pipe can be connected as pressure power source

      Operation mode: one key pressure rise and fall design

      Use mode: according to ergonomic application design, forward stroke pressurization and reverse stroke decompression

      External design: no design of any valve (such as pressure relief valve, stop valve) is required

      Internal design: special design without one-way check valve seal

      Overvoltage protection: overvoltage automatic protection function

      Upper limit setting: according to the calibration range of the pressure gauge, the upper limit verification value can be set through the control gauge

      Automatic blowdown: automatic blowdown after calibration to ensure that the pipeline is clean

      Scope of application: laboratory and field calibration

      Pressure range:

      (0.1-6) MPa




      Export: 4 m20x1 5 female outlet

      Power supply mode: DC12V, 100W or ac202v

      Specification and size: 430mmx350mmx130mm

      Weight: 4kg

      Model: ZHK-3460



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